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I have always admired Lebron James ever since he entered the NBA as a cavalier.. His talents are really superb! on his rookie year, He proved that he is NBA ready. That He is the future of the NBA. After 4 years, brought the Cavs to the Finals in 2007 against the Spurs. I saw how he led a Cavs team with a young Gibson, Shannon Brown, Varejao, veterans like Ilgauskus and Donyell Marshall and some players (haha!).. The lineup is not even a playoff team but they were in the NBA Finals that year because of Lebron, but, the Spurs are just too much for that Cavaliers team, and the cavs were swept by the spurs. There the drama starts, the quest for Lebron having a ring,started again from zero. In 2010, Lebron left Cleveland, where he is a hometown hero, where he is the franchise player, where he said that he will do anything to bring a ring to the Cavs. But he left, for Miami heat, joining Wade, and Bosh.

I don’t hate Lebron James, i respect his skills but i started to dislike him already the moment he left the cavaliers. I thought, this guy can’t lead a team to win a championship, he has to transfer and join a team. That is not a superstar quality, not a winner’s quality, not a quality of the NBA greats! (Unless, Cavaliers does not want him anymore, that is a different story) I disliked him more when people, analysts, commentators and everyone started to love him more! haha. like he is the greatest player ever! I always believed, that MJ and Kobe (more of Kobe, I am a kobe and Lakers fan) are the NBA greats! along with The Sky Hook, the Magic Johnson, The Larry Bird, The WIlt, The Shaquille O’neal etc.

Bring Tmac, or Vince Carter, or Grant Hill, or Allen Iverson, in their prime in a team in the likes of Wade, and Bosh and Ray Allen. For sure, they will have multiple championships and MVPs too, when the competition in MVP is only one, the likes of Kevin Durant. That is his comparison, not MJ or Kobe. the only difference is that those players had different career ending than of Lebron.

If Lebron stayed with the Cavaliers, he will surely win a championship, with the franchise willing to give him everything it takes to win. Better if Wade and Bosh joined him there, not him, leaving for another team.

And even if he doesn’t win a ring, he surely will be a legend, if he didn’t left, He will be like Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley and Karl Malone (tho Malone played for the Lakers).

These are the reasons why I believe Lebron and the heat doesn’t deserve a 3peat. Go win championships together with his miami heat, but they do not deserve a 3peat. I know real NBA fans will get my point here. I don’t hate or disrespect Lebron. I will always admire and respect his skills up to the last game of his career. But I will never be a fan of him.

I was a fan of him, on his Cavaliers days

LeBron James Witness Wallpaper,


“Why do we expect something special on our birthdays? Out of 365 days a year, we tend to make this one day of the year really special.”

Yay! today, August 20, is my birthday and I really am thankful for another year in my life. Turned 22 and happy and contented. Today’s a Tuesday and I should have classes, should have my midterms but due to the bad weather, classes were suspended. I told myself not to expect anything, but it’s hard to teach yourself on what you are accustomed to. It’s a family tradition to celebrate birthdays; To have a lunch out or dinner out, to have a celebration at home, or anything. But because of the weather, mommy got sick, so we could not have anything prepared at home and we can’t leave as well. I told myself that this will be an ordinary day, okay. And I’m good with that!

What made this day special is the fact that I am celebrating my 22nd birthday, healthy, happy, contented, and grateful. Celebrated mass with my girlfriend, and made a realization:

“Out of 365 days in a year, why not try to make your birthday an ordinary day and reflect how to make the remaining 364 days really special.”

Why so gwapo Justine?

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(credits to merlin for this photo)

Justine Merina,Β a YFC brother, certified gwapo! so gwapo, other brothers like us tend to ask “Why Justine?”

Well he is blessed enough to be that gwapo. Met Justine in S.H.O.U,T. 2012, he is not okay that time for some reasons. But in that time, I knew and saw how good of a person he really is. I saw how passionate this brother is in what he’s doing. I saw how serious he is in studies, going home to our shout house from school just to sleep then leaving early to go to school again. And when he have time, he joins us in the activities. I also saw how gwapo this brother is when I saw him in his lows, a really sad person because of that reason that he is not okay, that when he enters into something, he is that serious and he will give himself for it. I admired that from him.

Justine also has a really gwapo low voice that sometimes when I talk to him, I lower my voice too to imitate him. haha.

S.H.O.U.T. of 2013, when we saw each other there, the first thing he told me was “Trebs! okay na ako!”Β (referring to his state from last year), and I saw a happy Justine, a more gwapo Justine! And I am that happy too for him.

Maybe, Justine is that gwapo because he is him. No one is like him, and can be him. I really admire this brother for his really really good attitude, unique sens of humor, and his transparent emotions that you could easily relate to and adjust to when you are with him.

JUSTINE! ikaw na ang gwapo! πŸ™‚

August 15 tradition

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As I have said in my previous post, August 15 is special to us, and I am thankful we got to celebrate it this year πŸ™‚ TYL

It was a busy day for us. She has school, I have a make up class. Good thing I got dismissed earlier than the schedule, So we got to meet even if it’s almost late.


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(credits to Alyysa for the photo)

Alyssa Marie Briones

What comes to my mind hearing that name are, high school days, catechist, smart person, happy person, a good writer/blogger (not sure if she still does blogs)Β LARRY FONACIER,Β PBA, and a dear friend. That’s what and who she is.

Knew Alyssa since OLPS days, we were never classmates in elementary (especially when there was a pilot section because she always belonged there), but in 3rd yr HS we became classmates and good friends as well. Alyssa is that classmate who always has notes, and has a smile on her face. πŸ™‚ We became close because she was a fan of basketball, NO!, of Larry Fonacier I mean… I am a big fan of coach Yeng Guiao and the Red Bull Barako at that time where Larry also is playing and me and Alyssa were like teammates also, fan of the same team, routing for the same team. Always updating each other on the status of the team we loved. Sad that we never watched a live game together. Maybe someday, together with our friends who loved the game too. πŸ™‚

I also am calling her by the nickname “Aryssa” because of her distinct sound when pronouncing a letter “R” and “L” in her speech. It’s not bad or wrong, she just has disctinct and unique sound, that’s why I call her by that name, and in return, she seldom calls me by “Cirbelt”.. πŸ™‚

At present, I don’t know much about her, but I know she’s having a good career now, and a good life, based on her facebook posts. I also met her someone special one time when we unexpectedly rode a PUV home together. haha.. hope to talk with her soon and get updates and get to be updated with PBA again.


note: this request blog is sooo months ago. sorry ngayon lang Aryssa! πŸ™‚

0815 <3

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“Hi, nice to meet you, was it nice to meet me too?” πŸ™‚

August 15, 2009 – we became facebook friends

2yrs after..

August 15, 2011 – we first dated.. had Zagu, walked around Antipolo bayan, talked, laughed.. πŸ™‚

August 15 is kind of special to us ❀Image

Kobe in Manila 2013

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In 1996, Kobe, 18, started his pro basketball career, drafted by the Charlotte Hornets but traded to the Lakers and stayed there til present. I was 5yrs old back then.

1998, he visited Manila, that’s the time I started watching NBA. and became a fan of Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba, and the Lakers.Β The Spurs were named Champions of that season

Who wouldn’t be a fan? From clutch shots, to a perfect rhythm jump shot, high flying dunks, killer crossovers, rising up to challenges, awesome basketball skills; and he is an underrated defender! 4th in NBA all time scoring list with 31,617 points at present;Β 5-time NBA champion, 15-time all star, 4-time All-Stars MVP, 2-time FInals MVP 1-time MVP.Β Β Who wouldn’t be a fan? I believe those who hate kobe are those who are Jordan loyalists and maybe Iverson and McGrady, loyalists too and now Lebron loyalists. πŸ™‚

In 2007, Kobe cam back to Manila for the Nike Supernatural tour. It was a real heartbreak for me because I wasn’t able to come to see him. A REAL HEARTBREAK! 😦

So, when Lenovo announced that Kobe will be in Manila again for the Walang Iwanan forum on Resorts World, I told myself that I MUST SEE KOBE! even if it’s not a basketball thing, more of an endorsement, commercializing, branding thing. The fact that he will be here, and I will have a chance to see him, I will! πŸ™‚

I am lucky to be one of he winners for the Walang Iwanan forum for no ticket is sold, all winners! and I’m happy to see him live in person! The player that I always play in NBA Live before, and in 2k now, the one I always fight for in basketball fantasies, the one I cheer in front of the television, celebrated with 5 championships, supported him in the loss to Detroit (2004 Finals), Celtics (2008 Finals), and his recent injury. It was really an awesome and stunning moment seeing him! All I did that moment was be amazed, cheered his name, chanted “KOBE! KOBE!”Β andΒ “MVP! MVP!”.

This is a moment to treasure. A fanboy moment.

Thank you, Lenovo! Thank you, Kobe! You are the best! G.O.A.T.!!!